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 Interactions between grapevine physiology, vineyard management and precision viticulture
 Precision viticulture: data, electronics and machinery for VRT (Variable Rate Technology) applications
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First Israel-Italy Grapevine Symposium: Book of Abstracts
GRAcious symposium is aimed to bring together Israeli and Italian scientists from different disciplines working on grapevine, from its history through p...
Use of ATR-FTIR spectroscopy to monitor alcoholic fermentations and control the physiological state of yeast
Infrared spectroscopy (FT-NIR) is a powerful technique for the differentiation and identification of vegetative cells and spores. Conventional culture techniq...
Nanosensor capable of measuring the effect of astringency in the mouth
Researchers at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO ), Aarhus University, have now, in cooperation with scientists from Porto in Portugal, develope...
Turning winery waste into biofuels
Australia is the world’s sixth largest wine producer, with around 1.75 million tonnes of grapes crushed for wine every year. After the final pressing, more th...
Researchers pinpoint mechanism for aroma formation in wine
The majority of wines are produced from around 20 different types of grape, all of which have their own typical aroma. This is due to the terpenes, a diverse ...
Winemaking taint smoked out
Smoke taint can have a significant economic impact on winemakers in bushfire-prone areas, and its prevention could represent major savings for producers, with...
Selection of an organic saccharomyces cerevisiae and effect on Tempranillo, Cabernet-Sauvignon and bobal industrial organic vinifications
The interest of consumers by organic food and drinks is increasing. Winemakers consider organic wines more authentic, singular and healthier. There is a niche...
6th World Bulk Wine Exhibition (Amsterdam)
The World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) was conceived out of the need for a meeting place for both buyers and sellers of bulk wine. This unique exhibition...
19th International Symposium GiESCO (Gruissan, France)
The 19th International Symposium GiESCO 2015 (Group of international Experts of vitivinicultural Systems for CoOperation) will be held from May 31 to Ju...
Enzymes and regulations: new frontiers
In 2012, several resolutions were adopted, the most important was the resolution OIV-OENO 485-2012, a revision of the monograph on enzymatic preparations. The...
Effect of yeasts/bacteria co-inoculation on malolactic fermentation of Tempranillo wines
Malolactic fermentation (MLF) is very significant in wines and is carried out by lactic acid bacteria (LAB), usually Oenococcus oeni. The best time to carry o...
New method of traceability in the field of vine growing and wine producing
The traceability of food products, from the production zone through the distribution chain to the consumer, is at present a high priority in the field of food...

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