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 Interactions between grapevine physiology, vineyard management and precision viticulture
 Precision viticulture: data, electronics and machinery for VRT (Variable Rate Technology) applications
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Precision viticulture: data, electronics and machinery for VRT (Variable Rate Technology) applications
Expert wine growers already know that different grapes coming from different locations within the same vineyard can produce wines of different flavors and...
White grape must oxygenation: set up and sensory effect
Grape must hyper-oxygenation was developed in the 1970's in order to stabilize white wines and protect against oxidation. This technique was largely controver...
Winners of the 2014 OIV Award Jury
From around thirty works, the OIV Award Jury which met in Paris on 24 June 2014, presented 13 Awards and 3 Special Mentions in 9 categories. Since 1930, the O...
Climate change transforms global wine market
In the coming years and decades climate change will cause several internationally recognized wine regions to face falling crop yields, the emergence of the ne...
OIV Research grant program 2014
Within the framework of developing its Strategic Plan, the OIV grants research scholarships in priority programme fields on a yearly basis. Grants offered wit...
CMC questions answered
Energy audits have shown that refrigeration can account for 50 to 70% of the energy requirements of a typical Australian winery. Given rising electricity cost...
Novel non-specific liquid fingerprinting technology for wine analysis: a feasiblity study
A novel, rapid and simple liquid fingerprinting technology is described and demonstrated for wine identification and for quality control.
The wine sample, ...
The Municipal Theater of Vila Real, in the middle of the beautiful Douro valley, hosted in June 4-5, 2014 the fourth edition of Infowine.Forum, the most impor...
Selection of non-Saccharomyces yeast strains for reducing alcohol levels in wine by sugar respiration
Respiration of sugars by non-Saccharomyces yeasts has been recently proposed for lowering alcohol levels in wine. Development of industrial fermentation proce...
First evidence of the presence of S-cysteinylated and S-glutathionylated precursors in tannins
Tannins are widely used in winemaking and food and beverage preparation for the many different contributions they can give to the overall characteristics of t...
Effects of pulsed electric field treatment on (+)-catechin–acetaldehyde condensation
Condensation of (+)-catechin contributes significantly to wine taste during its aging process. In order to simulate and explore a feasible method to enhance c...
Oregon ‘Pinot noir’ grape anthocyanin enhancement by early leaf removal
Complete cluster zone leaf removal of ‘Pinot noir’ was initiated at three separate pre-véraison growth stages (bloom, grain-pea size, and bunch closure) and m...

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