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 ENOFORUM 2015 (Vicenza, Italy)
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Aroma and fermentation performance of yeast strains in ready to drink sparkling wine production
At present, not only high end classic sparkling wines but also less “austere” sparkling wines with high youth appeal, are finding a satisfying position ...
The Perception of Minerality in Wines: A Scientific Perspective
One of the most controversial aspects of the wine tasting note is arguably the concept of minerality. There is little scientific consensus regarding wha...
Taking steps towards lower-alcohol wines
Cristian Varela’s research, funded by AGWA, is still a work in progress, but it has recorded two impressive milestones.
The first – in wh...
Soil bacteria plays a role in wine quality
Vineyards producing high-quality 'classic' wines may owe their success to the local bacteria rather than soil chemistry, argue the authors of new U...
New technology uses giant blender to chop up wine grape skins to improves reds
A giant stick blender that chops wine grape skins into a pulp could be the next big thing in red wine making.
Dr Angela Sparrow, from the...
The 9th Enoforum edition moves to Vicenza, hosted by the modern Congress Center of the local Fair. After 12 years and five great editions in Emilia Roma...
Lactobacillus plantarum sequential inoculation: malolactic fermentation and biogenic amines occurrence in wine
In previous studies L. plantarum V22 strain, selected at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Piacenza, showed a fast and reliable MLF, a positiv...
Plant plaster protects wine from vine decline
Symptoms of fungal disease esca, or vine decline, include reduced yields, stunted growth and even the sudden death of vines. Esca is prevalent throughou...
EU & China Wine sectors implement unprecedented technical cooperation partnership
A consortium of leading wine associations and companies in Europe coordinated by European Wine Committee (CEEV) and the main wine companies in China, ...
Growth and cycles in Australia's wine industry
In an effort to provide the Australian wine sector with clearer insights from its long history, world-renowned wine economist and University of Ade...
Connected Wine Cases Help Guarantee Vintage Quality
A system of ‘connected’ wine cases developed by startup eProvenance is helping wine producers to monitor the conditions under which their merchandise is...
New computer vision system helps estimate compactness of bunches of grapes in vineyards objectively and non-invasively
Researchers of the Universitat Politècnica de València and the Valencian Institute of Agrarian Research (IVIA) and the Instituto de Ciencias de la ...

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