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 Enoforum 2015: an opportunity for technical update not to be missed
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Enoforum 2015: an opportunity for technical update not to be missed
Enoforum program continues to enrich and, less than a month from the start of the event, it provides:
3 seminars by invited speakers
Rapid method for ascorbic acid determination
L-ascorbic acid in wines offers an antioxidant action that is efficient, immediate and even more intense than sulfur dioxide, even though it cannot subs...
The benefits and costs of alternative viticulture
Organic and biodynamic viticulture is good for soil, grapes and ultimately the quality of wine – but in the current environment it comes with a pot...
Camera turned wine connoisseur
Seeing is smelling for a camera system developed by scientists in Japan that images ethanol vapour escaping from a wine glass. And, perhaps most importa...
Through the grapevine: Molecular mechanisms behind Pinot berry color variation
Variations in the color of grapevine berries within the Pinot family result from naturally-occurring genetic mutations that selectively shut down the ge...
Scientists show ‘Vineyard of the Future’
Australian researchers have offered a glimpse of a future that could see viticulturalists do much of their work remotely, thanks to three new piece...
Wine and the Paradox of Choice
The wealth of choice we are faced with in today's consumer culture can be daunting and was the subject of psychologist Barry Schwartz's much-debated 200...
9th International Cool Climate Wine Symposium, ICCWS (Brighton, England)
Established in 1984, the International Cool Climate Wine Symposia focus on wine production in the cooler climate winemaking regions of the world.
In Vino Analytica Scientia Symposium 2015 (Trentino Alto Adige, Italy)
The 9th In Vino Analytica Scientia Symposium highlights the role of analytical science in understanding the chemistry of grapes, wines and spirits....
International Vintage Symposium : Precision viticulture to improve the wine quality (Valencia, Spain)
The International Vintage Symposium : “Precision viticulture to improve the wine quality”, organized by the International Vintage Master (Erasmus Mundus...
Aroma and fermentation performance of yeast strains in ready to drink sparkling wine production
At present, not only high end classic sparkling wines but also less “austere” sparkling wines with high youth appeal, are finding a satisfying position ...
The Perception of Minerality in Wines: A Scientific Perspective
One of the most controversial aspects of the wine tasting note is arguably the concept of minerality. There is little scientific consensus regarding wha...

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