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Study of gene expression: a tool to understand the behaviour of Oenococcus oeni in wine
The correct performance of wine malolactic fermentation (MLF) depends on the metabolic characteristics of the Oenococcus oeni strain/s responsible for t...
Molecular and technological characterization of indigenous oenococcus oeni strains in Negro amaro produced in two different areas.
The purpose of this study was to perform the molecular and technological characterization of indigenous strains of Oenococcus oeni, with excellent winem...
Summary of Resolutions adopted by OIV
Together with the adoption of the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan and the 2015 work programme, the 12th General Assembly of the International Organisation...
Our wine owes a debt to ancient viruses
Next time you pour a glass of wine, raise a toast to the 30-milion-year-old viruses that have contributed to the genetic make-up of modern grapes.
Rescuing minerality
Jamie Goode discusses the concept of minerality in wine, and its relationship to terroir.  This article is a written version of the talk I gave at the W...
Wine marketing via Facebook is a laughing matter
Forget special deals, tasting notes and product information. If wine brands want to boost their fan base and succeed on Facebook they need to treat thei...
Australian Grapevine management guide published
The Grapevine management guide 2014- 2015 is one of NSW Department of Primary Industries 's flagship publications. Such publications are a crucial means ...
Global focus on grapevine disease management
South Australian scientists are making inroads into the management of common fungal grapevine diseases Eutypa and Botryosphaeria, which have caused si...
Vinexpo 2015 (Bordeaux, France)
Founded in 1981, Vinexpo has established itself over the years as the foremost world-class exhibition for professionals of the wine and spirits sector. ...
The Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference and Trade Exhibition (AWITC & TE)
The Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference and Trade Exhibition (AWITC & TE) are owned and conducted by the Australian wine industry. T...
Wine Tech 2015 (Adelaide - South Australia)
WineTech, the Australian wine industry’s premier tradeshow, will return to Adelaide in a dynamic new format in 2015. This event has a history of showc...
E-CO2: recovery and re-use of CO2 from wine fermentations
Every year the production of wine leads to the release of a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and this contributes to the amount of greenhouse ...

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