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 Microflora Management According to the Wine Aromatic Profile
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The Municipal Theater of Vila Real, in the middle of the beautiful Douro valley, hosted in June 4-5, 2014 the fourth edition of Infowine.Forum, the most impor...
Selection of non-Saccharomyces yeast strains for reducing alcohol levels in wine by sugar respiration
Respiration of sugars by non-Saccharomyces yeasts has been recently proposed for lowering alcohol levels in wine. Development of industrial fermentation proce...
First evidence of the presence of S-cysteinylated and S-glutathionylated precursors in tannins
Tannins are widely used in winemaking and food and beverage preparation for the many different contributions they can give to the overall characteristics of t...
Effects of pulsed electric field treatment on (+)-catechin–acetaldehyde condensation
Condensation of (+)-catechin contributes significantly to wine taste during its aging process. In order to simulate and explore a feasible method to enhance c...
Oregon ‘Pinot noir’ grape anthocyanin enhancement by early leaf removal
Complete cluster zone leaf removal of ‘Pinot noir’ was initiated at three separate pre-véraison growth stages (bloom, grain-pea size, and bunch closure) and m...
Influence of phenolic compounds on the sensorial perception and volatility of red wine esters in model solution: An insight at the molecular level
Impact of (+)-catechin and gallic acid on sensory perception and volatility of isoamyl acetate, ethyl isobutyrate, ethyl butyrate and ethyl octanoate was inve...
Reducing the sulfur-dioxide binding power of sweet white wines by solid-phase extraction
The high sulfur-dioxide binding power of sweet white wines may be reduced by extracting the naturally present carbonyl compounds from wine that are responsibl...
Dismissing enological myths: effect of ethanol and maceration enzymes on grape seed tannin extraction. Enological implications
During maceration, proanthocyanidins are extracted from skin and seeds. It is commonly accepted that skin proanthocyanidins are more readily extractible, wher...
WineHealth 2013 proceedings are now freely available
The conference proceedings from the “WineHealth 2013: International Wine and Health Conference”, under the OIV patronage, held from 18 to 20 July 2013 in Aust...
Italy Launches DNA Profiling Of Wine
A team of researchers have developed a system they say will revolutionize the concept of traceability used in proving the origins of agricultural p...
Post-harvest vineyard management key to a successful season
What you do after you harvest your grapes is critical to successful spring vine performance, according to two leading viticultural researchers. Dr Mike McCart...
Leaching efficiency
Irrigation efficiency is a well understood concept among irrigators, representing the proportion of irrigation water applied that is retained in the rootzone ...

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