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Illustrated Historical Universal Ampelography

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Ampelography is the science of identifying, naming and classifying grape varieties through detailed analysis of the unique characteristics of the plant, its morphology and the different phases of its development.
At the same time, however, the vine has its own extraordinary aesthetic and iconographic appeal.

The exceptional convergence of the Authors’ scientific contributions and the dazzling splendour of the chromolithographs is thus what makes the three volumes of this Universal Ampelography so unique.

This is the first time that a single work has united the most beautiful collections of ampelographic plates: the Ampelographie - Traité general de viticulture by Pierre Viala and Victor Vermorel (1901-10), Giorgio Gallesio’s Pomona Italiana (published between 1817 and 1839) and Ampelografia Italiana, published in 1882 by the Ampelographic Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The work illustrates 551 cultivars, complete with entries describing each one and listing its synonyms.

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