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Electrodialysis, a physical and multipurpose process for an enology of precision: last development, pH adjustment of wines by bipolar membranes
Electrodialysis is a membrane electro- process. Its principle consists in extracting ions through a stack of non-porous ionic membranes under the effect ...
Way now clear for haze-preventing enzymes in Australian winemaking
Australian winemakers can now use with confidence the protease enzyme mixture known as Proctase to ensure haze-free wine. An application to Food Standar...
The genome of grape powdery mildew and its evolution in relation to fungicide resistance
The Cantu lab just published a paper that describes, for the first time, the genome of grape powdery mildew and its evolution in relation to fungicide r...
What difference does organic make?
Does organic matter? The answer is a bit more complicated than Organic Winegrowers New Zealand was hoping for from the Organic Focus Project, which test...
Findings From New Database Focus on Global Varietal Trends
Global warming, consumer tastes and Old World versus New World philosophy have all played a part in the popularity of certain varietals with vigner...
Consumer wine trends survey captures a colorful snapshot of how americans are enjoying wine today
E. & J. Gallo Winery, the world’s largest family–owned winery, recently commissioned its inaugural Gallo Consumer Wine Trends Survey to capture the curr...
The use of zirconium dioxide during fermentation as an alternative to protein fining with bentonite for white wines.
Zirconia pellets (25 g/L) enclosed in a metallic cage were added on the second day to fermenting Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, and Semillon juices. After 48 hour...
ENOFORUM 2015 (Arezzo, Italy)
The 9th edition of Enoforum will take place at Arezzo Fairs and Congresses Center, Italy, May 5 -7, 2015. ENOFORUM, with more than 1,000 attendees in ...
Recovery of aromatic aglycones from winemaking by-products
Waste grape skins from the wine industry are an abundant byproduct, currently underexploited. The lack of relevant industrial applications results in accumula...
Screening of Lactic Acid bacteria able to degrade Biogenic Amines. Identification of the enzymes
The main objetives of this study were the search for enzymatic activities responsible for biogenic amines (BAs) degradation in lactic acid bacteria (LAB) stra...
The proceedings of the 37th World Congress of Vine and Wine can be consulted on open access
The scientific publications (oral and short communications; posters) presented at the Congress are now available on an OPEN ACCESS basis on the website
Sensory-active compounds influencing wine experts' and consumers' perception of red wine
For experts, wine quality is linked to high contents of norisoprenoids. For consumers, wine quality is linked to high contents of oak-related volatiles. Ethan...

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