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Since 2002, Infowine has been offering technical information to the benefit of agronomists and wine experts. This information is derived both from research and from practice, spread worldwide and traduced in many different languages. You are now visiting the 2016 version of the journal. We have updated the graphics, but above all we have focused our efforts on offering more detailed and more usable contents.

What has changed?

  • Now you can watch videos – in MP4 format – from any device (smartphone, tablet, pc). Moreover, you can visit us on the Infowine Youtube channel: follow us and create your personal playlist!
  • You can receive our newsletter in many different languages and have access to all the information in real time.
  • Any registered user can now become co-author of Infowine contents and share their experiences worldwide with their peers.
  • To quickly find what you are looking for, you can now easily select the contents regarding the same topic and have access to their translations in other languages.
  • Through the Paypal platform, we have also introduced the possibility to subscribe or buy one or more 'premium' documents online and, upon payment, have immediate access to the requested information.

For further details on the website new functions and opportunities, please follow the links in the text.

Published on 06/09/2016
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