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  • In occasione della X edizione della manifestazione "Enoforum", in programma a Vicenza dal 16 al 18 maggio 2017, sarà aperta un'ampia finestra sui principali progetti di ricerca relativi alla filier...
    Published on: 27/04/2017
  • You swish around a sip of organic wine in your mouth and it might tempt your taste buds, but that doesn’t mean you’ll pay more for it, a new University of Florida Institute of Food and ...
    Published on: 25/04/2017
  • Evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould once pondered what would happen if the cassette “tape of life” were rewound and played again. Synthetic biologists have tested one aspect of thi...
    Published on: 25/04/2017
  • In the European Union (EU) in 2015, there were 2.4 million holdings cultivating 3.2 million hectares (ha) of vineyards. The average area per holding was 1.3 ha, however with significant differences...
    Published on: 25/04/2017
    The Organization of Wine Aroma and its Evolution during Time
    Wine perfume is undoubtedly its most extraordinary aspect, because it expresses its composition, history, tradition and terroir. Wine synthetizes all the perfumes that surround us, because it is in...
    Published on: 04/04/2017
  • The addition of water prior to fermentation is a legal and commonly used technique in a number of countries, including the United States, but surprisingly there has been little formal research into...
    Published on: 03/04/2017
  • Beyond the antioxidant properties of Resveratrol, researchers in Belgium and the Netherlands studying the human microbiome have identified a new health benefit of consuming wine. People who drink w...
    Published on: 03/04/2017
  • The 2016 growing season was notable for a drought that started in April and continued through September. A more typical pattern in drought years is for mid- to late-season drought stress that start...
    Published on: 03/04/2017
  • Sustainable viticulture and winemaking under climate change scenarios
    Deadline for abstract submission has been extended until April 20th
    Published on: 03/04/2017
  • Enoforum 2017: PROGRAM AT A GLANCE
    Vicenza, Italy, from 16 to 18 May
    a very interesting program has been prepared offering a 360 degrees view on the main issues related to the viticultural and oenological research.
    Published on: 01/04/2017
    Here is the list of the 12 candidates selected by the international scientific committee
    In addition to the Versini Award, restricted to researchers working in Italy, SIVE established in 2012 a second prize, open to scientists from other countries. The initiative originates from the aw...
    Published on: 17/03/2017
  • Each year, the ASEV Best Paper Committee completes an evaluation of all research papers published in the American Journal of Enology and Viticulture for the prior year.
    Published on: 07/03/2017
  • To wine makers, stink bugs are more than a nuisance. These tiny pests can hitch rides on grapes going through the wine making process, releasing stress compounds that can foul the smell and taste of
    Published on: 07/03/2017
  • With the advent of non-detectable TCA guarantees in natural cork, the issue of closure performance is now more than ever centred on the ability of different stoppers to manage the passage of oxygen
    Published on: 07/03/2017
  • SOIL4WINE project is aimed at improving soil management in the agriculture sector and at defining tools and methodologies aimed to support soil’s functions and ecosystem services. SOIL4WINE is a d
    Published on: 07/03/2017
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