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VIDEO SEMINAR: Enological approaches to the prevention and cure of light-struck wine fault

Davide Camoni, Enoconsulting; Jordi Encinas Herrando, DeFENS, Università di Milano; Maria Manara, Dal Cin Spa

VIDEO SEMINAR: Enological approaches to the prevention and cure of light-struck wine fault VIDEO SEMINAR: Enological approaches to the prevention and cure of light-struck wine fault VIDEO SEMINAR: Enological approaches to the prevention and cure of light-struck wine fault

Lightstrike is a sensory defect that mainly affects white wines that have been exposed to ultraviolet light between the 370 and 450nm wavelenghts and is caused by the degradation of riboflavin and the formation of sulfur compounds.

This defect manifests itself through colour and aroma loss and the presence of sulfur, onion, garlic or cooked cabbage odours.

In the first video seminar Davide Camoni offers an introduction to this subject, with a rapid analysis of the sensory descriptors and the thermodynamic and kinetic models that describe this defect as well as some options to prevent it.

After, Jordi Encinas Herrando presents the research of his team in three main lines of study: the influence of the yeast on the presence of riboflavin in the wine, understanding the degradation kinetics of this molecule when it is exposed to light and finally the reduction of its concentration using specific fining treatments.

To conclude, Maria Manara shows the practical applications of these studies in the winery by describing some possible predictive factors and the tools available to winemakers in order to, limit the production of riboflavin, reduce its content by fining, and protect the wine during the bottling phase by using substances or adjunts that have a protective action with regards to this defect.


The seminar reproduced in this video was presented at the 9th edition of Enoforum (Vicenza, Italy, 5-7 May 2015). Seminar sponsored by Dal Cin

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The video-seminar is conceived as a true professional update course lasting more than 15 minutes. Therefore, before starting to watch the video, we recommend that you prepare yourself for a uninterrupted session (ex. make sure you are free of all other engagements for the whole duration, turn off your cell phone and be equipped with materials to take notes).

Published on 30/11/2016
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    • Davide Camoni, Enoconsulting
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    • Strategies for the rational management of the problem in the wineries.
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