The biotechnological company Biolan Microbiosensores S.L. has commercialized the Malic Acid Biosensor since October 2011, in the national as well as the international market, and in countries such as Spain, Portugal, France, Chile and Argentina. It is a compact analytical device, which uses biological interactions to provide qualitative and quantitative results of great interest and utility for clients. Malic acid is present in the grape harvest, when the grapes are collected. Subsequently bacteria ferment it and transform it into lactic acid and carbon dioxide undergoing a process called malo-lactic fermentation. It is a process that improves the wine as it acquires smoothness and looses acidity. The Malic Acid Bionsensor monitors the progress of malo-lactic fermentation with the aim of finding out when the process begins and when it ends. By means of an easy, reliable and precise method results are obtained within three minutes and in the winery itself, without having to resort to external laboratories. The importance of the Biosensor in the detection of malic acid stems both from its ease of use, and its precision for malo-lactic fermentation purposes. It measures in a range of 0 to 1 g/l with a margin of error of 0,05 g/l, which makes it the most precise machine for detecting malic acid in low concentrations. At the same time, and in the spirit of continual improvement which inspires all of Biolan’s developments, the company has developed a new range of 2 to 6 g/l with a margin of error of 0,3 g/l, with the objective of measuring in the field and at the start of malo-lactic fermentation. The exactness of the measurement is precisely one of the advantages of biosensory technology advocated by Biolan. This technology allows easy handling, reliability, precision, portability and it is more economical than the rest of its competitors in the market. All of this without the need of qualified personnel, and always maintaining Biolan’s philosophy; that wineries can carry out their own analysis in a simple and precise manner. The Malic Acid Biosensor takes the parameters developed by the company one step further in quality control and health of the grape and it joins the family of biotechnological products composed both by the Gluconic Acid and the Fermentable Sugars Biosensors, as well as the Histamine Biosensor to come out shortly. Since its foundation in September 2006, Biolan has achieved an important milestone in the development, validation and commercialization of the first enzymatic amperometric biosensors. Press release