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(Bio)acidification of wines

Dr Ana Hranilovic, University of Adelaide - Australia

(Bio)acidification of wines

Insufficient acidity in grapes from hot climates is usually corrected by the addition of tartaric acid during winemaking, and less commonly by the addition of other organic acids. An alternative approach is presented that involves bio-acidification with some strains of Lachancea thermotolerans through the production of lactic acid during fermentation: an interesting and sustainable oenological solution to combat the lack of acidity in wines and microbial threats.

Ana Hranilovic, from the University of Adelaide, conducted the research in collaboration with the University of Bordeaux "All acids are equal, but some are more equal than others: (Bio) acidification of wines", with her co-authors Marina Bely, Isabelle Masneuf-Pomarede, Warren Albertin and Vladimir Zhiranek.

The results provided take into consideration the composition of wines, not only in terms of acidity and ethanol, but also of total anthocyanins and sensory descriptors, comparing the classical methods with different ways of using Lachancea thermotolerans.

Video of the seminar held during ENOFORUM USA 2021 (4-5 May 2021)

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Published on 04/27/2022
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