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    Federico Casassa, California Polytechnic State University; Marcia Torres, Matanza Creek Winery
    EnoforumWeb videos: The measurement of RedOx potential in winemaking has an influence on a large number of chemical reactions and therefore has a great impact on the final quality of the wine.
    Published on: 07/07/2020

Spontaneous methods for wine sensorial analysis

L. PERRIN 1,2, R. SYMONEAUX 1, I. MAÎTRE 1, C. ASSELIN 2, J. PAGÈS 3 et F. JOURJON; Laboratoire GRAPPE – Groupe ESA - Angers ; Interloire, Angers; L

In winemaking, the sensorial analysis of wines is continually applied more frequently. To characterize a product, sensorial analysis is often done by a panel of trained judges that complete a conventional profile. For this type of method the judges must follow a long training phase, which can generally even last several months. For wine in particular, professionals are usually not trained together and their performance is not verified, however they are accustomed to wine tastings and describing wines. In contrast to conventional profiles, spontaneous methods, such as the Free Choice Profile or Napping® do not need a common pre-established training and give the taster more freedom, especially in descriptor choices. These methods therefore seem suitable to use for a jury of professionals. This study aims to evaluate the potential interest of Free Profile and Napping analyses completed by professionals (winemakers, vineyard managers, technicians) in comparison to conventional profiles completed by a trained panel.
Published on 18/04/2009
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