Wine aroma results from the precursors found in grapes, these constitute the so called “aromatic potential”. The compounds that determine the aromatic potential can be divided into 4 main categories, according to their origin and chemical nature: carotenoids, cysteine conjugates, DMS precursors and glycosides. The seminar covers the diverse families of precursors, specifying in detail the components of each family, quantifying their presence and the conditions that determine it. In the final part of the presentation the analytical methods available for each family are analyzed, some of which are already applied during production to quantify the aromatic potential of the grapes and hence predict the potential quality of the resulting wine. Lenght 60 minutes For a better visualization of certain images in this presentation, it is advisable to download the pdf file of the accompanying slides (in French) found in the menu on the right. Click on the “play” button in the lower left of the screen to see the video preview


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