The experimentation aimed to investigate the relationship between mineral profile (and basic composition) of 58 North Italian “classic method” sparkling wines and their production areas (Trentino, Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese). The following basic parameters were investigated: pH, alcohol and sugar content, total acidity. The content of 59 different micro and trace-elements was then determined. No wines showed a content of micro elements higher than limits set by Normative. According to the different mineral composition of wines significant differences among the production areas were pointed out. A deeper analysis of the mineral profiles of sparkling wines allowed to ascribe the 100% of samples to their origin areas. The discriminant analysis of wines, based on their mineral composition, is then able to discriminate the production areas and to correctly assign sparkling wines to a determined area. (We suggest you to read the entire article. Original Title: Composizione di base e profilo minerale di spumanti classici italiani)