The Horizon 2020 Strategic Plan considers 12 key areas to boost employment and growth, highlighting the use of waste as a resource through recycling, reuse and recovery of raw materials in the primary production process.

In view of this strategic objective, Project WAW – Waste Around the Wine promoted by AMOG in partnership with ESA-IPVC and twelve Portuguese companies of the wine sector, aims to contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable processes, techniques, technologies and products, based on the valorization of agroindustrial waste.

The valorization of agroindustrial waste represents one of the most important challenges of biotechnology research, contributing to the sustainability of the sector. Large amounts of wine residues are produced annually, which, due to their composition and organic load, may represent a serious environmental problem.

The present study aims to characterize grape seeds from different Portuguese grape varieties and wine regions, and to assess the potential of grape-seed oils to be used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food applications.