The intrinsic quality of a wine is strongly linked with its volatile compound composition: it is a matter of balance (aroma, taste, interaction) linked with it’s geographical origin. Nowadays, it is well accepted that macroscopic effects of climate change can change the environmental conditions of grape growing on a global scale in all vineyards, world-wide. Increase in pH and alcohol levels imply the modification of ripening conditions as well as maturation level, but also modification of the aroma from fresh fruit at maturity to dried fruit.

It is essential to understand this phenomenon for a better control and management, because the impact on long term consumption of red wines marked by dried fruit flavors is the drop of consumers willingness to pay, as the loss of tipicity indirectly induces financial loss. 

Alexandre Pons, specialized in molecular characterization of volatile odoriferous compounds, faces this topic, by presenting the project of identification of chemical markers responsible for dried fruit aromas in grapes and wines, developing a methodology for their quantitation, determining their sensory impact and evaluating agronomical and enological parameters triggering their formation. 

Video of Alexandre Pons’s presentation from the webinar organised by the Denis Dubourdieu Chair in collaboration with Infowine.

The Chair Denis Dubourdieu project: keeping the taste of wine at the heart of the sector’s concerns
Supported by the Fondation Bordeaux Université and linked to the Research Unit in Enology at the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences (ISVV) / University of Bordeaux, the ‘Denis DUBOURDIEU – Quality and Identity of Wines’ chair is supported by seven Bordeaux renowned wine growths and four leading companies in the field of enology, for whom the quality of Bordeaux wines is a daily priority and oenological research an essential element: Château Giscours, Château Haut-Bailly, Château Lagrange, Château Le Pin, Château Palmer, Château Pichon Baron, Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, BioLaffort, Bucher Vaslin, Michael Paetzold and OENEO companies.
The chair was initiated by Philippe DARRIET, oenology research unit, with the support of the Inno’vin cluster, the foundation and patrons.