ENOTIMATIC is a new, efficient, cost-effective and practical technology that increases shelf-life, stability, gustatory pleasure, healthiness and nutraceutical value of drinks by means of a controlled and parametrized infusion of fragments of wood or of other plant origins.

It is a tool of excellence, designed to obtain all the most precious essences from the wood.

With ENOTIMATIC, tannins, aromatic precursors, polysaccharides and aldehydes are extracted at their native state of maximum reactivity.

ENOTIMATIC works using only physical means, at room temperature, directly in the wine. It is suitable for use of woods of different size, toasting grade, botanical origin or oak species.

By varying the operating conditions, different taste/olfactory nuances can be obtained, intriguing ones, for any refinement of PRECISION and EXCELLENCE.

This process was born in Italy as result of the collaboration of companies, enologists and experts in extraction technologies, to offer to the wineries a revolutionary technology for the refinement of wines.

EVER’s R & D activity has been decisive to reach a definition of precise protocols aimed to specific enological objectives and types of wood, with particular attention to the flexibility and the practicality of their insertion into the winemaking processes. For each type of alternatives of the STYLE # range, specific work parameters have been defined in order to obtain the best EXPRESSION, ELEGANCE and CONSISTENCY of the enological results.

EVER makes ENOTIMATIC available not only as a winery piece of equipment, but also through its service and assistance team.

Find out more at: http://www.enotimatic.com/en/

We are actually pleased and proud in offering you an innovation that will allow you to reach your targets with greater satisfaction,