How to improve your fermentation, including for sparkling wines, from a distance? How to follow the ageing process without being present in the cellar?

How to improve quality control? How to optimise inputs to meet market expectations while maintaining quality? How to avoid wasting time and money? Digital innovations ready to be implemented in wine production are presented to the wine community.

The digital technologies shown in this video are:

  • Remote fermentation monitoring
      Liliana Carreto, WINEGRID (PT)
  • Automation of the winemaking process
      Frédéric Galtier, ONAFIS (FR)
  • A web-connected instrument for intelligent wine analysis
      Alessandro Candiani, DNAPHONE (IT)

The webinar is one of the activities proposed by the Digital Innovation Hub DIGIWINE, created by SIVE and VINIDEA in the frame of the H2020 project SmartAgriHubs. DIGIWINE’s mission is to promote the development of digital solutions in the wine industry, and to foster their implementation throughout European wine regions.