How can intra-field variability be managed with a simple, inexpensive and external service-free tool? How can inputs be reduced while maintaining good defence?
What parameters need to be taken into account for well dosed irrigation according to your objectives?

Digital Innovations that are ready to be implemented in commercial vineyards and wineries were presented to the community of frontrunner grape-growers and winemakers.

Digital technologies pitched in these videos:

  • Robo, a proxy sensor to map row crops vegetative vigor
      Paolo Dosso, PRECISION FARMING (IT)
  • Remote and real-time irrigation management tool
      Thibaut Delcroix, TELAQUA (FR)
  • Agrigenius Vite, an interactive web tool for precision viticulture
      Chiara Cattaneo, BASF (IT)
  • Stimulate vine natural defenses through UV-C
      Cassandre Feray, UVBoosting (FR)

The webinar is one of the activities proposed by the Digital Innovation Hub DIGIWINE, created by SIVE and VINIDEA in the frame of the H2020 project SmartAgriHubs. DIGIWINE’s mission is to promote the development of digital solutions in the wine industry, and to foster their implementation throughout European wine regions.