This study was conducted to determine effects of fining agents, used at different concn., on the antioxidative status of fined red Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Results showed that the use of a combination of gelatin and silica sol gave the highest total phenols value (3.491 mg/l gallic acid equipment) and antioxidant activities among the tested fining agents. Wines were mostly negatively affected by use of egg white as a fining agent, which gave the lowest value of total phenols content (3.038 mg/L GAE) and the lowest antioxidative activity. Significant differences were observed between gelatin, egg white, and the control groups. Results of grouping of analysed parameters in n-dimensional space, with different fining agents at different concn., demonstrated the importance of low concn. of fining agents for high antioxidant activity and total phenols. (We recommend that you consult the full text of this article)