This presentation sponsored by A&P Inphatec, showcases field trial results on a break-through technology developed exclusively for viticulture that protects growing vines under disease pressure, or as a curative after disease symptoms become visible.

Preventative and therapeutic efficacy of XylPhi-PD for Pierce’s Disease are discussed in the first recording by Carlos F. Gonzalez of the Texas A&M University, after giving an exhaustive overview on Phage Mode of Action and management practices which are currently used.

In the second recording, Anika Kinkhabwala of A&P Inphatec presents the data from Field Trial Results From Leading Commercial Vineyards, as well as product use and application.

The papers reproduced in these videos were presented at the first edition of Enoforum USA (May 4th, 2021) within the session hosted by Presenting Sponsor, A&P Inphatec.