After 12 years and five great editions in Emilia Romagna and Tuscany, ENOFORUM returns to North-East of Italy, in a venue that is in the middle of a prestigious wine production area, and is also very easily accessible from all over Italy and Europe.
Between the 5th and 7th of May 2015 the available spaces of the Vicenza Fair Congress Center will be transformed into two conference halls with 300 and 500 spaces, where the results of over 100 research projects from all over the world will be presented. 
The projects that will be presented were chosen for their capacity to produce innovation: in other words they are research projects of high scientific level but with results that can be applied in the wine industry, some of which are already ready to be commercialize. This is a fundamental characteristic of Enoforum, that makes it different from all other congresses and that has allowed it to become a real opportunity to meet and discuss with professionals, researchers and suppliers. 
A notable number of the research projects that will be presented orally at Enoforum were evaluated by an International Scientific Commitee of 52 researchers; of which 28 were Italians and 24 were foreigners; that then selected the most innovative research projects and nominated them for one of the two SIVE awards for research and development: The Premio VERSINI 2015, reserved to Italian authors and dedicated to the late researcher from Trentino, and the Premio OENOPPIA 2015, open also to foreign researchers and sustained financially starting this year by the International Association of Enological Products and Practices within their own activities aimed to support innovation.
The 2015 edition of Enoforum will offer an even bigger space for tastings: in a room set up for 60 people, the professionals will be able to taste and discover wines that result from experimental trials or products that result from the use of innovative technologies. 
The poster space; where around 60 projects will be presented; will complete the panorama of research results of the last two years. In the exposition zone many enterprises will be present with their professional staff to provide insight into these new evolutions in technology.
Given its importance at the international level, Enoforum 2015 will also host sessions aimed to present the results of three current European Projects: ECO-PROWINE, focused on the sustainability of wine estates, INNOVINE, focussed on research into varieties and winery techniques in order to adapt to the future european wine industry, and STABIWINE, that has developed new products for the tartrate stabilization if wines. Furthermore the activities of two other start up projects will be described: WINETWORK about wood diseases and FOODLAB about support tools for innovation in the food industry. 
The Enoforum 2015 program and more details about the event can be found on or by contacting VINIDEA