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Bio-protection of must and wine and microbial interactions: metagenomics study

Sofie SAERENS, CHR Hansen - Stéphane YERLE, winemaker, Bordeaux - Marco RAZZAUTI, CHR Hansen

Bio-protection of must and wine and microbial interactions: metagenomics study

Bioprotection is a natural way to inhibit microbial contaminants (yeast, mold and bacteria). This bio-control not only helps you to prevent flavor defects, it also helps you to build and protect your brand.

Bioprotection has made an important step forward with the advent of metagenomics. Only 1% of the microbial population of the must grows on plates. With metagenomics instead, we can extract and sequence the DNA of all species present and not just those that can be cultivated on a plate.

It was possible to identify the most suitable species as a starter of alcoholic fermentation. Among Non-Saccharomyces yeast there are harmful strains, but also positive, using only the positive ones is possible to achieve a more complex wine, and at the same time limit the development of unwanted yeasts through competitive exclusion.

The seminars reproduced in these videos were presented at the X edition of Enoforum (Vicenza, Italy, 16-18 May 2017) within the session managed in collaboration with CHR. Hansen:

Published on 01/18/2018
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    • What is metagenomics: microwine project results and first conclusions
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Sophie Maria Gilberte Saerens, CHR Hansen (DK)
    • Application of metagenomic results for biocontrolled fermentations with lower SO2
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Stéphane Yerle, Winemaker, Bordeaux (F)
    • Microwine project and the future of biocontrolled wines in the global market
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Marco Razzauti, CHR Hansen (I)
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