The first edition of Enoforum USA, which took place at Sonoma County Fairground (Santa Rosa, California) on May 11th 2022, has achieved the set goal to introduce to American stakeholders this manner of transmitting useful information.
Unlike classic conferences and trade shows, Enoforum offers participants the knowledge on new technologies through different complementary ways.

About half of the conference program was devoted to studies on climate change, on wine shelf life, on alternative preservatives, on digital technologies for viticulture, presented by renowned European researchers via video conference.

In the other half of the conference program the characteristics of ready-to-use innovations were described in detail by experts of leading supplying companies, and by the representatives of public institutions that contributed to the development and the adaptation to local requirements.

Simultaneously, in another hall, demonstrations provided detailed and practical hints on the use of equipment, such as optical sorting of grapes, and filling machines of new conception.Two tastings allowed winemakers to evaluate the benefit of new technologies on wines produced on real scale. A third tasting was focusing on the production of beers with grape juice.

Finally, several companies were present with booths, ready to give detailed information on the products they offer for wine and grape production.

A very intense program, where winemakers had the possibility to access detailed information on different innovations, having all elements at their disposal to evaluate the cost/benefit of their introduction in the respective production process.

“We are very happy to have been able to show American winemakers the full ENOFORUM formula, after last year’s experience when pandemic limitations forced us to switch into virtual mode the conference program, without tastings, demos, or exhibition.” Declared Gianni Trioli, President of Vinidea, and creator of Enoforum more than 20 years ago. 

“The scientific level of the studies exposed at the conference was very high, and the video conference mode – now familiar to everyone – allowed us to have 90% of the speakers from overseas, chosen among the most reputable European universities with a bottom-up approach.  

The organization support given by the Wine Industry network was excellent, highly professional. 

If the feedback of attendee stakeholders is positive, we would like to propose future editions, by introducing several improvements that we think could adapt even better the Enoforum formula to their needs and expectations.”   

All conference presentations have been recorded and will be available on Internet Journal of Enology and Viticulture during the next months.

Enoforum USA represents the 19th in-presence edition of the conference, after 11 in Italy, 6 in Portugal and 2 in Spain. The last previous edition was celebrated in Zaragoza, Spain, on April 20-21, 2022, with 500 attendees. The 2019 edition in Italy was participated by 1,200 stakeholders, and represents by far the most attended congress in Europe for the wine industry.  During the pandemic period, Enoforum was proposed in online in Spanish (May 2020, 2,000 registered), in English (May 2021, 1,500 registered), in Italian (May 2021, 2,500 registered) and in the multi-language Enoforum Web Conference (February 2021, 5,500 registered).