Traditionally, measurement of Cu in wine has only been possible for larger wineries. This presentation sponsored by Enartis, held during the first edition of Enoforum USA, will show how to measure Cu in wine using methods that is possible for any winery to do. This presentation will also focus on winery scale trial results for canned wine production, as well as other possible applications of this information for improving shelf life in screw-capped and canned wines.

In the first recording, Andrew Clark, of Charles Sturt University (Australia) gives an overview of copper in wine in general terms, carries on with the colorimetric measurement of total Cu in wine, the measurement of different Cu forms and their behaviour and ends with the removal of Cu as well as different Cu forms in his presentation “Measurement and Behavior of Cu Forms in Wine”.

In the second recording the winemaking specialist for Enartis USA, Jasha Karasek, gives a follow-up presentation to Doctor Clark on a subset of the topic already discussed: “Impact of Copper-Bound Sulfide Removal on Wine Shelf Life”. What are the opportunities for canned wine, and why is canned wine on winemakers’ minds at this time? To find out about this, canned wine and it’s challenges, as well as the copper removal trials they have done and going forward in this packaging segment of the industry carry on watching.

The papers reproduced in these videos were presented at the first edition of Enoforum USA (May 5th, 2021) within the session hosted by Presenting Sponsor, Enartis