During the session “Broadening and improving varietal biodiversity in the “Colli Piacentini” wine district” of ENOFORUM 2019 congress, Prof. Gatti presented Ervi, a variety obtained in the ’70s from the cross between Barbera and Croatina, which is beginning to have an interesting diffusion because it overcomes the problems of both parental varieties, offering a new wine in the wake of tradition. 

As part of the ValorInVitis project, starting in 2017, a demonstration test was set up to compare Ervi and his parental varieties. The preliminary results confirm Ervi’s good predisposition towards modern and innovative viticultural systems, also based on short pruning, which is easier to manage by means of mechanised operations. Despite the higher yield, the composition of Ervi grapes is mostly comparable to that of Croatina, reaching, moreover, a higher concentration of total anthocyanins at harvest.