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23rd edition of the Vinitech-Sifel Innovation Trophies

The winning companies

The 23rd edition of Vinitech-Sifel, the world exhibition dedicated to the wine and fruit and vegetable sector, will welcome almost 900 exhibitors, from 29 November to 1 December, and will present a programme of 70 conferences and forums. 

As part of the competition dedicated to excellence in the sector, the 'Vinitech-Sifel Innovation Trophies', the jury of experts presented its Palmarès of winners on 2 September. Out of 62 entries examined, the Technical and Scientific Committee of the exhibition awarded: 1 Special Jury Prize, 6 Silver Trophies, 9 Bronze Trophies and 23 citations, which aim to encourage the promoters of the various projects to continue their innovation process.

The winners of the 2022 year

According to the two co-chairs of this edition, Christophe RIOU (Director General of the IFV) and Pierre GAILLARD (INVENIO): "The 2022 Innovation Trophies illustrate the strong dynamism of producers in all areas of research and development and highlight the growing commitment of the wine and fruit and vegetable sector to meeting the challenges of climate change, agro-ecological transition and carbon neutrality".

This competition, reserved for suppliers of equipment, processes and services, is a true recognition of the profession and represents a strong commercial and promotional boost for the winners.

The Jury's Special Award

The jury awarded a special prize to the 'Viti-Tunnel' proposed by MO.DEL SAS (33430, Bazas), a new alternative concept for reducing phytosanitary crop treatments. It is a retractable waterproof tunnel for the automatic protection of vine rows in case of rain and extreme weather events. An innovative and novel solution for protecting crops and vines from disease and climatic hazards. The jury awarded a €5,000 grant to support its development and dissemination.

Category: Vine and Wine

5 Silver Trophies for:

  • "Collaborative load handling solution" by the company LEHOPAR (17600, Sablonceaux);
  • "Flexibles intelligents 4.0" by the company FLEX-KEY (64510, Assat);
  • The "Quadr@ - Technologie 4.0" software for the wine sector by the company PARSEC (50019, Sesto F, Italy);
  • The wooden barrel or vat-type container for maturation and vinification, equipped with a thermoregulation system integrated into the thickness of the staves by the company TARANSAUD (16111, Cognac);
  • "Vinimag" by IFV - INRAE with ISP (30240, Le Grau du Roi).

6 Bronze Trophies for:

  • "Kallirack" by the company KALLAFUT (17810, Saint-Georges-des-Coteaux);
  • "Tout se transforme dans la vigne et le vin" by IFV (30240, le Grau du Roi);
  • "KYP "Knowledge in Your Pocket" by the company VIVELYS (34750, Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone);
  • "Les Inattendus de Lithobru" by the company LITHOBRU IMPRIMERIE (16112, Cognac);
  • "NECTAR by ADCF + CO2 recovery" by the company PARSEC (50019, Sesto F. (FI) - Italy);
  • "The tangential low carbon filter: Flavy FGC" by the company BUCHER VASLIN (49290, Chalonnes-sur-Loire).


Published on 09/14/2022
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