The Winetwork project is a thematic network financed through the Horizon 2010- Research and Innovation program, that began in 2015 and will come to an end in September this year.

This thematic network was created in response to two main realizations: one that the communication of scientific research results to vinegrowers is slow and insufficient and two that vinegrowers are implementing innovative practices in the field but they are not adequately diffused across vinegrower associations.

Therefore the interest was to create a network for exchange and knowledge about two very significant diseases in Europe that lead to notable economic losses: Grape Trunk Diseases and Flavescence Dorée. The objective was to increase knowledge about these diseases and then encourage the exchange, diffusion and communication of the findings.

At the 10th edition of Enoforum, a congress session was dedicated to the presentation of the main results attained during the Winetwork project.

In this first video seminar, Fanny Prezman, a researcher at the IFV Sud-Ouest, briefly describes the project organization structure, the partners and participating countries and also presents the “knowledge tank” and the tools available. 

See also the other presentations of the Winetwork session at Enoforum 2017:

Sumary of scientific knowledge on the Grape Trunk Diseases
Vincenzo Mondello, Università di Reims 
European winegrowers’ practices against Grapevine Trunk Diseases
Fanny Prezman, IFV Sud-Ouest  
Symptoms and epidemiology of the Flavescence dorée in Europe
François-Michel Bernard, IFV Burgogne 
Strategies for the control of the Flavescence dorée in the main European wine regions
Maurizio Gily, SIVE Consultant