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Grape processing

  • Top scientific programme at the MACROWINE 2021 congress
    Virtual Conference - from 23 to 30 June 2021
    It is considered to be the most important scientific congress for the wine sector, due to the breadth of topics covered - from vine to glass - and due to the number and origin of the researchers wh...
    Published on: 06/01/2021
  • CAYLA Laure and RENARD Romain– ITV France
    For several years, I.T.V. France has been working on a method to estimate the polyphenolic potential of red grape harvests, called the Standard ITV Method. This method could be suitable to provide ...
    Published on: 06/24/2008
  • Sébastien Kerner & Joël Rochard, Institut Français de le Vigne et du Vin (ENTAV - IFV France)
    The climate is an important component for « terroirs ». Since 1898, the Swedish scientist Arrhenius had envisaged global warming due to the combustion of fossil fuels with the aim to fight against ...
    Published on: 06/24/2008
  • Sophie PALLAS, Oenologist
    Close to 200 communications, of which 42 were selected for the event extending over 2 days and a half, further completed by some twenty workshops: due to this extent, it is not possible to be exhau...
    Published on: 04/24/2008
  • Luigi BAVARESCO, Matteo GATTI, Maria Isabel van Zeller de Macedo Basto GONÇALVES
    The resveratrol is a phenolic compound synthesised by the herbaceous parts and by the skins and berry and is believed to have health properties. This substance belongs to the chemical species of th...
    Published on: 04/24/2008
    The recent years were marked by a significant development in the laboratory analytical methods for the analysis of the polyphenols in the red grapes. However, for the measurement at the receiving o...
    Published on: 01/28/2008
  • Daniel GRANES, Jacques ROUSSEAU, Lucile BLATEYRON, Caroline BONNEFOND
    Contrary to what one might think, color stabilisation can not be completely dissociated with extraction for at least 3 reasons. First the actions carried out during vinification with maceration, as...
    Published on: 01/28/2008
  • J.X. Castillo-Sánchez, M.S. García-Falcón, J. Garrido, E. Martínez-Carballo, L.R. Martins-Dias and X.C. Mejuto Food Chemistry 106 (1), 18-26,2008
    The purpose of this work is to study the evolution, over three selected harvests, of phenolic compounds and colour stability of red wines produced in the north of Portugal by means of two wine-making
    Published on: 01/26/2008
  • Emilio CELOTTI, Paolo FIORINI, Sabrina CANTONI, Salvatore MARINO
    The possible use in winemaking of the cluster removed in thinning performed at the color change, as source of malic acid has been studied. The grape removed during the cluster thinning in the month...
    Published on: 12/20/2007
  • Claudine Charpentier & Michel Feuillat
    Under a regulation more and more limited for the enological adjuvant the wine enrichment with compound already naturally present is a more and more prospected path. One example is the use of yeast ...
    Published on: 10/29/2007
  • Gianni TRIOLI and Cristina MICHELONI- Vinidea and Italian Association of Organic Farming
    Within the ORWINE project, a VI FP project funded by EU Commission to obtain scientifically based recommendations for the development of an EU “organic wine” regulation, a wide survey among organic...
    Published on: 07/25/2007
  • Jennifer R. Reeve1,*, L. Carpenter-Boggs1, John P. Reganold, Alan L. York, Glenn McGourty and Leo P. McCloskey
    Wines produced from biodynamically grown grapes have received increasing attention. Similar to organic agriculture, biodynamics eliminates synthetic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The primary...
    Published on: 09/11/2006
  • Ponte, C.;Cravero, M. C.;Bonello, F.;Pazo Alvarez, M. C.;Olivero, M.;Di Stefano, R Rivista di Viticoltura e di Enologia, 2004, 57 (4) 33-62
    The effect of the pre-fermentative cold-maceration technique on phenolic composition, on colour stabilisation and on sensory characteristics of Pinot noir wine has been studied in 2001 and 2002 vin...
    Published on: 07/23/2006
  • Inmaculada Romero-Cascales, Ana Ortega-Regules, Jose Maria López-Roca, Jose Ignacio Fernández-Fernández and Encarna Gómez-Plaza
    The anthocyanin concentration of Vitis vinifera L. cvs. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Monastrell grape skins was determined together with anthocyanin extractability at the exact time of ha...
    Published on: 05/20/2006
  • Karna L. Sacchi, Linda F. Bisson and Douglas O. Adams
    Winemaking variables and techniques are known to affect the phenolic composition of red wines. This review surveys the current literature on the impact of processing and fermentation parameters on ...
    Published on: 05/08/2006
  • Nuno Mateus & Victor de Freitas
    Presentation given by the author at the First International Congress on Barbera, Dec 2nd-3rd, 2005, Alessandria, Italy Colour is a major organoleptic property of red wine and is of crucial commercial
    Published on: 03/05/2006
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