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    Published on: 01/31/2024

Innovative processes for juice extraction and cleaning

Carole Rapilly, Alfalaval - Gianmaria Ciman, Perfect Wine - Enrico D'Andrea, Vason Group - Donato Giuliani, Cantine Teanum

This international partnership focused on the optimization of the centrifugal decanter used in white wine production.

At present for white winemaking different pressing techniques are available, such as the pneumatic press, which is very valid system but that does have some inconveniences: length of time needed, discontinuous cycle and too many suspended solids in the output juice, which makes a clarification or flotation phase mandatory.

The process developed in this project allows for this clarification stage to be skipped by using an enzymatic pool with high pectolytic activity which is dosed on the crush and by using gelatin which is added just before the decantation in order to obtain a clear juice that is ready for the fermentation process.

It is therefore an innovative process that allows for a single-step extraction, separation of the juice and clarification with several advantages: the press washing is avoided, short processing time, limited movements, no lees filtration and greater sustainability.







  • Carole Rapilly, Alfalaval (F)- An innovative approach for must extraction and separation 
  • Gianmaria Ciman, Perfect Wine (I) - Use of suitable enological aids in the must clarification process
  • Enrico D'Andrea, Vason Group (I) - Importance of the selection of enological aids in dynamic separation processes 
  • Donato Giuliani, Cantine Teanum (I) - Case history


The seminar reproduced in this video was presented at the 9th edition of Enoforum (Vicenza, Italy, 5-7 May 2015). Seminar sponsored by Enologica Vason – Alfa Laval



The video-seminar is conceived as a true professional update course lasting more than 15 minutes. Therefore, before starting to watch the video, we recommend that you prepare yourself for a uninterrupted session (ex. make sure you are free of all other engagements for the whole duration, turn off your cell phone and be equipped with materials to take notes).

Published on 11/02/2016
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    • An innovative approach for must extraction and separation
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Carole Rapilly, Alfalaval
    • Use of suitable enological aids in the must clarification process
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Gianmaria Ciman, Perfect Wine (I)
    • Importance of the selection of enological aids in dynamic separation processes
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Enrico D'Andrea, Vason Group (I)
    • Case history
    • fjrigjwwe9r1video:descrizione
      Donato Giuliani, Cantine Teanum (I)
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