How to transform any tank into a quality fermenting tank? What is fluid racking? What about maceration with a broken cap? How to drastically reduce manpower, energy, washing water, time and operations? These are just some of the new concepts introduced in red wine production by the AirMixing M.I. (Modulated Injection) system designed and developed by PARSEC.

Fabio Mencarelli, in his presentation at Enoforum, explains the working principle of the sequential injection of modulated air and the different elements that come into play in order to obtain quality wines, resistant to oxidation, without sulphites, without olfactory defects, aromatically modern, drastically reducing the need to add oenological corrective products.
Beatriz Paniagua Ortíz then describes the interesting oenological perspectives that this method offers by opening space for new oenological variables that limit traditional maceration.

Other aspects evaluated are the skin extractive capacity of a method that allows a cap to be maintained at a homogeneous temperature and the effect of increased skin exposure on the organoleptic profiles of the wines produced.

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The presentations shown in these videos were held at Enoforum 2022 (Zaragoza, 20-21 April 2022) in the educational session organised in collaboration with Parsec.