How to manage oxygen before and during bottling

Jean-Baptiste Diéval, Application Development Manager at Vinventions

How to manage oxygen before and during bottling

Oxygen is one of the key factors affecting the wine shelf-life. Managing well the Oxygen, particularly during the final winemaking stages, is decisive for wine quality and shelf-life. This seminar focuses on Oxygen management before and during bottling, and follows up from previous seminar “How to modulate the wine aromatic evolution by closure oxygen ingress”.

Starting form an overview of the five winemaking stages during which we encounter oxygen pick-up, Jean-Baptiste Diéval then carries on explaining in detail how to avoid oxygen pick-up during the wine preparation for bottling, how to manage total package oxygen (TPO) during bottling and how to take into consideration the closure role in the wine evolution after bottling.

These are three decisive stages in the wine shelf-life management, together we discover how can we optimize the shelf-life of our wines, by taking a closer look at the proposed best practices.

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Published on 01/11/2022
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