A total of 21 yeast strains isolated from wine-grapes in Turkey were screened for their ability to inhibit ochratoxin A (OTA) accumulation by Aspergillus carbonarius in both yeast extract sucrose (YES) broth and grape juice. In monoculture, A. carbonarius produced a mean level of 39.03 and 21.32 µg/l OTA when grown in YES medium and grape juice, respectively. However, its ability to produce OTA in YES medium was greatly reduced in the presence of yeast strains, except for Candida lusitaniae E2, Kloeckera spp. E4 and Rhodotorula glutinis D6. Percentage inhibition of OTA production in YES medium ranged between 4.67 and 99.87%. Similarly, OTA production was inhibited in grape juice by >50% in the presence of yeast strains, apart from C. famata E6, R. glutinis, C. famata O3, Kloeckera spp. B3 and C. lusitaniae D9. These results highlight the potential effectiveness of yeast isolates in the biocontrol of OTA-producing A. carbonarius (We recommend that you consult the full text of this article).

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