The quality of the innovations presented by exhibitors once again confirms SITEVI’s position as the number one exhibition for the vine/wine, olive and fruit & vegetable sectors. 
Of the 60 applications submitted this year, the panel has selected 18 products. The 2015 awards include: Two Gold Medals, Five Silver Medals and Eleven Special Mentions.
Three key trends stand out in these awards: operator health and safety, a reappraisal of the design of the machines, products and processes and, finally, product quality and adaption to market change. 
SITEVI Innovation Awards 2015:
  • DIEMME ENOLOGIA- Continuous pressing system (QC 620)
  • NEW HOLLAND AGRICULTURE – Category 4 Cab Filtration System  (New Holland Blue cab 4)
  • ADVANCED TRACK & TRACE – Bottle traceability and securing solution (ID Pack Line)
  • GRV – 180° pivoting tool-carrier for quick connection of tools between wheels on 4-wheel high clearance tractors  (Porte-Outils Click-Tools)
  • NOMACORC – Polyphenol analyzer in grapes, must and wine  (NomaSense PolyScan B200)
  • PELLENC – Vinion & Prunion electronic secateurs (Sécateurs électroniques Vinion et Prunion)
  • PERA – Multifunction equipment for thermal treatment of grapes harvested, musts and wines (Green Cryo)
  • ANTONIO CARRARO – Special 100 CV tractor with very compact dimensions (TGF 10900 PROTECTOR 100)
  • BERTHOUD – Simplified incorporation of solid crop protection products in a sprayer  (Bsafe POWDER)
  • CALIBREX –  “Shared” Electronic MINIGRAM Operation  (“Shared” Electronics)
  • CLAUGER – Thermovinification skid  (Thermovinification skid)
  • INOZY – Automatic device for precise oaking and blending of wines (SMART OAK)
  • LAFFORT – Exclusive clarification agent derived from potato protein for fining musts and white, rosé and red wines  VEGECOLL® )
  • NEW HOLLAND AGRICULTURE – Telematics applied to vineyards  (New Holland PLM Connect)
  • NR INOV CONCEPT – Vine Planter NR 120 (Planter NR 120)
  • PEPINIÈRES MERCIER – DNA chips for detecting grapevine trunk disease pathogens  (MYCORRAY)
  • TECNOMA – Continuous circulation with pneumatic non-drip for vine growing spray boom  (Circulation continue AGP)
  • VERALLIA/VOA – Fluorescent glass  (Le verre fluorescent)