Wine longevity and shelf-life

Maria Nikolantonaki; Institute of Vine and Wine Jules Guyot, University of Burgundy - France

Wine longevity and shelf-life

Maria Nikolantonaki is assistant professor of Wine Chemistry and of Enology at the University Institute of Vine and Wine “Jules Guyot” of the University of Burgundy. She has previously conducted research activity at University of Bordeaux and University of California Davis. Her research activity focuses on the study of the chemical and biochemical mechanisms underlying white wines oxidative stability, the development of analytical tools for predicting wines aging potential and the use of high resolution mass spectrometry and NMR for investigating the reactivity of sulfur containing compounds in wine acidic conditions.

This recording is her keynote speech into wine longevity and shelf-life, one of the topics of Macrowine 2021. What constitutes shelf-life in a wine? It’s more complex than most other products, as it depends on how long the wine retains its initial flavor but could depend on how long it may take for the wine to improve in character to reach its aging potential, and also how long it may remain commercially acceptable.

Watch the video for a detailed explanation on optimum bottle aging conditions and defected bottle aging, the states of aging and the undefined time limits between them. In addition to the premiumization of wine as a key buying criterion in the global wine market, what other factors characterize wines shelf-life in 21st century? Is wines oxidative stability quantifiable and could the modulization of wines antioxidant capacity provide help to producers in their oenological decisions?

Video of the seminar held during Macrowine virtual (June 23-30, 2021)

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Published on 02/01/2022
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