The purpose of this study was to perform the molecular and technological characterization of indigenous strains of Oenococcus oeni, with excellent winemaking skills, isolated from wines produced by grapes of two different Salento areas (Apulia, Italy),  in order to select strains from using as a malolactic fermentation (MLF) starter in wine. 
To design specific bacterial strains for the different characteristics of a wine, it is necessary to consider various criteria as resistance to ethanol, SO2, growth at low pH, assessment of the malate metabolism and absence of negative traits to the health of consumers (biogenic amines [BA], ethyl carbamate). These selection criteria were applied to several strains (chosen from different subgroups of the cluster obtained by AFLP). The results allowed to select some of these strains that may have a good fermentation performance. 
Poster presented at Enoforum 2013, 7-9 May, Arezzo (Italy)