The VINIDEA.NET team is happy to present a series of articles from a conference prepared by Jean-Louis Escudier, INRA scientist at the experimental center of Pech-Rouge. This series will be comprised of five articles: 1. Increased grape value by enhanced extraction: Rapid-Expansion (Part A) 2. Red wine vinification, Rapid-Expansion (Part B) 3. New physical techniques for the treatment of wine: cross flow micro-filtration 4. New physical techniques for the treatment of wine: electro-dialysis 5. Conclusions and bibliography General Introduction New research has provided enologists and winemakers the means to intervene and enhance the quality of wine by an increased knowledge of the mechanisms that are responsible for the transformations of grapes into wine, and by observation and precise analysis of traditional techniques. Amongst these means, physical methods have achieved new importance thanks to their effectiveness and selectivity. They allow limiting or even avoiding the utilization of diverse additives that are widely used in many areas of agriculture and food processing and thus emphasize wine as being a natural beverage. The physical procedures intervene at the level of vinification, in order to better control the extraction, in terms of qualitative elements (aromas, polyphenols, colloids) and at the winemaking level, to preserve its qualities and ensure the absence of faults over time. Examples given are: Rapid-Expansion under vacuum, clarification by cross-flow filtration and tartrate stabilization by electro-dialysis demonstrate this evolution by current innovations.