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From Bordeaux to Milan, a shower of awards for Parsec

The multi-award-winning company in the Vinitech Sifel Innovation Trophy and the Simei 2022 Lucio Mastroberardino Innovation Challenge

The roads to sustainability and quality necessarily pass through process control, traceability, optimised use of data and reduced time and consumption. These are the outstanding features of Quadr@ that the Italian and French judges considered unique and innovative. The state-of-the-art software developed by Parsec was awarded the silver medal of the Vinitech Sifel Innovation Trophy and the mention for New Technology of the Lucio Mastroberardino Award of SIMEI.

Created to collect, process, and store in an intelligent and evolved system, all the information and data generated by any machine, system or software present in the winery, Quadr@ integrates process control and traceability, thus representing the latest generation of winery management systems.  

The two awards given to Quadr@, which will be handed out a few weeks apart next November, confirm the success that the market and customer satisfaction have already attributed to Quadr@ in just a few years since its launch.

But Parsec's medal haul does not stop there.

Among the innovations awarded in the French competition is a bronze medal for Nectar by ACDF, the system for recovering and reusing fermentation CO2 for monitoring, managing maceration and protecting musts and wines, and a second mention for New Technology in the SIMEI Award for the brand new Smart Trace System, the intelligent device for the control and precision management of liquid transfer.

Nectar by ADCF integrates the ability to recover and manage fermentation CO2 for use in the precision and real-time control of fermentation progress and the innovative use of overpressure for the soft and automated maceration of red grapes: a sustainable technology that reduces water, energy and labour consumption, improves time management and allows the production of aromatically fresh and intense wines.

Finally, the Smart Trace System is a modular device that combines a state-of-the-art smart litre counter with Parsec's Mu.Se. Multi-Sensor Hub and allows producers and oenologists to monitor and measure in real time a number of useful quality parameters during must and wine operations such as racking, pumping over, blending, transportation, etc. 


Parsec is pleased to invite you to the next events to be held in Milan, during Simei 2022 and in Bordeaux, during Vinitech Sifel 2022.




Published on 11/01/2022
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