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Optimizing varietal thiols - ebook release

Optimizing varietal thiols - ebook release

This e-book is a review covering 40 years of scientific literature on varietal thiols. It has been conceived and designed to help viticulturists and winemakers from all over the wine world to maximize the expression of the highly demanded fruity aromas of varietal thiols in the wines.

The e-book provides practical tools that the grape growers can apply throughout the growing season to maximise the biosynthesis of varietal thiols and their precursors by the vine and their accumulation in the berry.

All the methods reported in the scientific literature that maximise the expression of varietal thiols (and their protection) throughout winemaking process and bottling are presented.

The last chapter is dedicated to the highly trendy topic of maximizing the expression of varietal thiols in red wines.

About the authors:

Christophe Gerland is a microbiologist and winemaker. Christophe conducts consulting activities in collaboration with worldwide winemakers

Corentin Quemener is an agriculture engineer specialized in wine. He created two companies in the wine field: one in consulting and training and the other in the wine commerce

Marco Li Calzi, PhD was a Professor of Enology and Sensory Science at the University of Missouri, Columbia, USA, then at the Ecole d’Ingénieurs de PURPAN, Toulouse, France. Marco is now a trainer/instructor and a consultant

Michel Moutounet, Doctor of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse. Consultant, expert at the OIV. Research career at INRA in plant technology and oenology. Research Director at INRA (1982-2008), Consultant Professor SupAgro Montpellier (1994-2008), Director of IEHV (2006-2008)


Follow the link to purchase and find out more about OPTIMIZING VARIETAL THIOLS

E-book, in pdf format, but not downloadable, therefore only available from a pc or tablet, on sale on the international Payhip platform.
For more information:

Published on 09/14/2021
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