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RIPRESO project launch

Improving vineyard efficiency and sustainability by managing within-field variability through variable rate applications

RIPRESO, the new project for the development of viticulture in the Colli Piacentini wine district has officially started. It aims at increasing precision viticulture practices with the final aim of optimizing the economic performance of wineries by strengthening the connection between remote/proximal sensing and site-specific applications in vineyard. The Project, funded by measure 16.1.01 Focus Area 2A of the RDP Emilia-Romagna 2014-2020, involves 6 partners, is coordinated by the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Piacenza and benefits from the consultancy of leading companies in the field of soil science and precision viticulture. RIPRESO aims at combining elements of technological innovation with traditional practices, in order to harmonize often-divergent concepts such as efficiency, productivity, high quality standards and reduced environmental impact.

The project is structured in a series of actions aimed at:

  • definition of a management strategy aimed to reduce vineyard variability as based on variable rate applications (sowing/fertilization) for improving resource use, enhancing productivity and fruit quality, and reducing environmental impacts of viticulture;
  • reduction of copper use in viticulture through on-the-go adjusted pesticide sprays depending on vigor variability;
  • enhancing within-field variability through a selective harvesting approach for a consequent product diversification and increased revenue.

We invite you to follow all the news of the Operational Group on the official website and on the project FB page

Published on 08/10/2020
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