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    Published on: 01/31/2024

The Franciacorta Rosé Consortium introduces the CIELab method in the production specifications

SMΔRT ANALYSIS software for colour measurement introduces new features to support wineries and laboratories

The Franciacorta Rosé Consortium introduces the CIELab method in the production specifications

We are back talking about wine color analysis, specifically the analysis carried out with the CIELab method, and we at DNAPhone do it with a lot of pride, starting from the approval of the new Franciacorta wine specifications! 

The very recent news was presented during the Franciacorta Consortium's conference held at the Milano Wine Week in early October, which after two and a half years of bureaucratic process (and many more of study) states the approval of the new Franciacorta Rosé specification introducing CIELab analysis to evaluate its color. 

This is a milestone event in Italy, because the Franciacorta Consortium is the first to request, with the approval of the National Wine Committee chaired by Attilio Scienza, for the color of Rosé wine to be scientifically evaluated through the use of CIELab, the OIV reference method for this analysis since 2006. 

This approach does indeed provide objective and accurate data not only on the color in the final product, but also on multiple critical aspects of the winemaking process. These include the characterization of polyphenol profiles, optimization of the use of materials in aging tanks and barrels, application of clarifiers, nanofiltration, selection of specific yeast strains, preservation of the product on store shelves, storage temperature, and the type of cork used to seal the bottle. 

Getting down to business now. We have been supporting the use of the CIELAB method in wineries and laboratories for some time now by promoting the analytical platform SMΔRT ANALYSIS, whose software, compliant with the OIV method, stands alone in the industry in terms of speed of analysis, ease of use and graphical representation of color. 

Taking suggestions from so many wineries, industry professionals and client laboratories, we have released an update of the SMΔRT ANALYSIS color APP in which we have introduced new features designed to increase even more the freedom of processing and ease of interpretation of the results obtained. 

But that is not all! We are working on a version of our CIELab color analysis software to be used on a PC! The PC version will be even more powerful and will give more freedom of representation in order to observe specific dynamics that are not easily interpreted any other way (numerically or with classic graphs). 

Click on the link below to get the video showing the new functions introduced in the SMΔRT ANALYSIS APP and the preview of the new PC-based software. 

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Published on 10/30/2023
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