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The French Oenologists Union adds a new territory to better serve its affiliates working abroad “Outside of Metropolitan France”

Since the creation of the French National Diploma of Enologist (DNO) in March of 1955, generations of enologists trained in France have traveled the world: creating new wineries or vineyards, participating in the production of quality wines, or applying their know-how in new, even challenging environments. Each year, more than 10% of French graduates leave Metropolitan France for a harvest or more. At the same time, increasing numbers of non-French citizen students choose to study in French universities and thus participate in the global recognition of the French oenology curriculum.

To better serve its members who work or wish to find work outside of Metropolitan France, the French Oenologists Union is adding a new option for its members with the “Outside of Metropolitan France” territory. The aim of this new territory is to create a global connected community who share the values of our union and support the image of French oenology.

This new territory will contribute to an international outlook at the global challenges our industry faces: Climate change, ecological transition, evolving consumption trends, new communication technologies. The members of this new territory will benefit from a sharing platform to discuss their local needs and collaborate on specific local concerns. They will also be able to share field experiences to generate and share solutions. On a business side our members will be given the opportunity to share and exchange ideas on market information, legal and social contexts. This new emphasis on international outreach will allow the French Enologist Union to extend the scope of its classified advertisements increasing its offering of internships, seasonal jobs or opportunities abroad (

This new territory “Outside Metropolitan France” will be steered by Sophie Pallas, oenologist, and former director of the French Oenologists Union. To launch the first activities including a technical trip to Baja California (Mexico) on the 29th and 30th of October 2022 at the same moment of the OIV congress in this country, Sophie will be seconded by oenologists Elie Maamari (Lebanon), Cyril Tanazacq (United States) and Céline Fauveau (United States).

To learn about this new territory, join our information zoom “French Enologist outside of our borders” on June 7th, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. French time.

If you are a French Enologist Union current or lapsed member and wish to change your affiliation to the new region you may do so in your profile. Anyone holding a French degree in Enology willing to join our Union as a new member may do so under one of the two statuses below:

  • Oenologist : for graduates of the French National Diploma of Enologist issued by one of the 6 dedicated universities (Bordeaux, Dijon, Toulouse, Montpellier Pharma, Montpellier SupAgro, Reims)
  • Associate membership: for the holders of a master’s degree or a doctorate of a French university


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Published on 05/23/2022
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