“This decision is very important to the wine industry as well as for consumers”. A week before the celebration of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, the global meetings of bulk wine, which will take place in Amsterdam, the Director General of the OIV, Mr. Federico Castellucci, welcomed the “recognition of the OIV proposal” at the 46th Harmonized System (HS) Review Sub-Committee meeting of the World Customs Organization which took place in Brussels: the amendment concerning the definition of bulk wine within the Harmonized System has been approved and will be submitted for final approval by the Council of the WCO.

A new Subheading 2204.22: “In containers holding more than 2 l but not more than 10 l” will be included in the sixth edition of the Harmonized commodity description and coding system foreseen in 2017.

The Director General of OIV stated that “the new definition proposed by the OIV, will add further transparency and clarity to the data gathering in view of the statistics analysis of the sector, to get more accurate data and better traceability around the world for these typologies of products”.

Download document : OIV Revised Proposal for the Harmonized System 2017 Edition