Wine industry is facing challenges as never before since the phylloxera crisis in the 19th century. Climate change, reduction of pesticides, diversity, preservation of the patrimony are priorities for the research sector. Improvement of grapevine plant material through selection or hybridization is considered as one of the most promising means to adapt the viticulture.

IFV as a national institute has been developing clonal selection since the 60’s. It is now dedicated with its partner INRAE, into breeding for the resistance to fungi diseases. Some brand new cultivars have been released few years ago. For the adaptation and mitigation of the effect of climate change, exploring the historical patrimony, shall be an accurate answer. In all wine regions, there is a recent enthusiasm for these cultivars. They accumulate less sugar, ripe later. And above all, they bring diversity into a wine world dominated by a small range of varieties.

With this presentation, Laurent Audeguin, Research and Innovation Manager at IFV, will be providing updated information on what’s being done in France.

The papers reproduced in these videos were presented at the first edition of Enoforum USA (May 5th, 2021) within the session hosted by Presenting Sponsor, French Vine and Wine Institute