The program of Enoforum 2017 devotes specific congress sessions to:

  • SOIL4WINE, a LIFE+ project coordinated by Catholic University of Piacenza, focused on vineyard soil and its interactions with the vine plant
  • QUE-STAB, experimental initiative leaded by Col d’Orcia winery and ISVEA, funded by PSR Regione Toscana, targeting quercetin stability in Sangiovese
  • WINETWORK, a Horizon 2020 thematic network gathering and organizing the present knowlegde on Grape Trunk Diseases and Flavescence dorée.

WINETWORK, represented in Italy by partners SIVE and VINIDEA, organizes in ENOFORUM 2017 the session WINE RESEARCH in EUROPE, a showcase of research project on winegrowing funded by EU.

European Unione funds every year dozens of projects, for research, exchange and transfer of results in the wine sector, through European programs like Horizon2020, Erasmus, LIFE, Interreg, COST etc.), national and regional managed initiatives ). The EIP-AGRI network (European partnership for Innovation in Agriculture) has the aim of networking the European actors of innovation, by constituting Operational Groups interacting with multiactor projects and thematic networks of H2020 program.

The session Wine Research in Europe di Enoforum 2017 has a triple goal:

 to inform the italian wine industry stakeholders on the ongoing projects in Europe, generating innovation for the sector in the next years;

– to promote contacts among wine producers, researchers and service company having interest on the same specific topics, thus creating the basis for future nuclei of Operational Groups;

 to foster exchanges and collaboration between the scientists and practitioners working on similar topics, across differen regions and countries.