Bentonite is commonly added to white wines to remove the grape proteins responsible for haze formation. Despite being effective, this technique has drawbacks; thus, new solutions are desirable. The ability of carrageenan and pectin to remove heat-unstable grape proteins, and the impact that such addition has on the physicochemical and sensorial profile of a wine were assessed. Carrageenan and pectin were added separately or in combination to a Chardonnay juice prior to fermentation. Both adsorbents removed proteins (up to 75%), thus increasing wine protein stability. Carrageenan was more effective than pectin at increasing wine protein stability. Pectin and carrageenan removed protein and partially stabilized the samples of the wine. Pre-fermentation addition of pectin or carrageenan may provide the wine industry with an alternative protein stabilization procedure (We recommend that you consult the full text of this article)