A rapid technique for the isolation of polymeric polyphenols from red wine has been developed and validated. A copolymer reversed-phase SPE cartridge was utilized in conjunction with predominantly organic eluents to provide three phenolic fractions from red wine without the need for sample pretreatment. The first fraction contained the bulk of the monomeric and oligomeric phenolic material, while the second and third fractions contained the polymeric polyphenolic compounds, as determined by HPLC analysis. The two polymeric polyphenolic fractions differed in their solubility and extent of pigmentation, and the differences appeared to be related to wine age. This method contrasted with other available fractionation techniques because the interfering, nonpolymeric material can be removed in a single wash fraction, while the polymeric material is separated into two distinct fractions based on their diverse physicochemical properties. It is anticipated that the rapid access to discrete polymeric fractions afforded by this method will be of benefit in furthering the understanding of red wine polymeric polyphenols. We recommend to read the article from the original source at the provided link.

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