The ageing of wines in barrels is a complex process in which oxygen participates actively defining the final characteristics of the wines.

During the ageing of wines in barrels different phenomena occur within the barrels which are defined by the impregnation of wood with wine, this is what causes the usual losses during the whole process, and also different processes such as the precipitation of colouring matter, the tartaric stabilization and precipitation or the interaction wood-wine with the subsequent incorporation of components of the wood to wine and vice versa.

All this causes changes in the exchange surface of wine-wood that supposes a slow and constant depletion of the initial properties of the barrel, among which the capacity of the barrel to yield aromas and to allow the entrance of oxygen towards the wine that ages.

The method of barrel regeneration described in these videos is a method designed to recover the characteristics of the used barrels, using a minimally invasive technology.

Antonio Palacios during his talk in the occasion of Enoforum, presents the conclusion of an industrial study on the aromatic and sensory effects in a batch of French and American barrels of different regenerated ages.

Finally, María del Alamo Sanza explains the results of a study carried out in order to evaluate the effect of the wood regeneration process on the reactivation of the oxygen transfer rate of the barrels.

The reports reproduced in these films were presented at the 11th edition of Enoforum (Zaragoza, 31 May-1 June 2018) within the module organized in cooperation with Barena