This document represents the consensus reached by the members of the Ad Hoc Group “Biotechnology” of the OIV. This document, drafted and developed on the initiative of the OIV, is a collective expert report.
The purpose of this document is to recall and assemble in a single document some important elements of guidance from the OIV activities related to biotechnology in vitiviniculture. This study does not attempt to cover in detail all the issues and facts, but rather to contextualize the overall potential impact of the application of biotechnology in the wine sector. Its purpose is to provide a factual basis for potential discussion.
This document has not been submitted to the step Procedure for Examining Resolutions and cannot in any way be treated as an OIV resolution. Only resolutions adopted by the Member States of the OIV have an official character.
Different approaches regarding vitiviniculture products derived from modern biotechnology are expressed. This document includes in particular definitions adopted by Codex Alimentarius and by the Cartagena protocol on biosafety as well as the resolutions adopted by the OIV on this issue.  Any approach implemented should be consistent with other texts already adopted by different intergovernmental organisations.
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