The primary aim of the research project will be to acquire new knowledge on the different factors involved in fungal grapevine trunk diseases, esca and Botryosphaeria dieback in particular. More specifically, it should contribute to better understand how the interactions between these factors could lead to very different rates of foliar symptoms expression and vine mortality, and to suggest methods for controlling these diseases.

The research proposal could focus on one or more of the following factors:

– Propagating material (sanitary status, cultivar, rootstock),
– The composition, functioning and dynamics of the microbiota within the vine stock,
– The vine’s ability to limit the negative effects of microorganisms associated with fungal trunk diseases on the vegetative growth and the quantity of functional wood,
– Environmental factors (cultural practices, climate, soil) that affect the vineyard durability.

Priority will nonetheless be given to projects that favour a systemic approach to fungal grapevine trunk
diseases by, for example, studying how the microbiota influences the vine’s ability to tolerate stress and how the vine influences the microbiota. The proposal should also offer an application of the research results to the definition of new control strategies.

February, 15th, 2015: deadline for submitting pre-proposals

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