AB Biotek in partnership with Wine Australia and The Australian Wine Research Institute have identified new novel yeast strains to assist winemakers to improve the ‘floral/rose’ aroma and flavour characteristics of Sparkling Chardonnay, Rose, Grenache, and Pinot Gris wines.

The AWRI 2965 and AWRI 2940 strains marketed by AB Biotek as Maurivin AWRI Rosa and Maurivin AWRI Rosa Intense, respectively form part of the Maurivin ‘Next Generation’ wine yeast range. This range has been specifically created to provide winemakers with solutions to address key issues in the production of globally popular ‘New World’ wine styles. AWRI Rosa and AWRI Rosa Intense have been proven to effectively open up new flavour opportunities for producers of some of the most globally popular wine varietals.

The global trend for consumers to seek out new taste experiences in wines continues and with that in mind AB Biotek yeast scientists, oenologists, and our expert partner institutions have been working extensively to identify yeast strains that can deliver novel solutions to enable winemakers to create wines that truly reflect their vineyard’s (terroir’s) uniqueness.

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