The first portable device to monitor wine as it matures has been developed by a team of students from Université Paris-Saclay ( 
The students adapted blood analysis technology invented by biotech start-up Archimej Technology ( into a unique device allowing real time control of wine quality, eliminating the huge financial costs and vast quantities of wine that are lost from biological phenomena. 
Using the device means there’s no need to send samples to labs – which is costly, time consuming, and means winemakers can’t test their whole production – instead, the product uses a Wi-Fi connection that allows results to be shared through an online oenological platform. 
The patented technology monitors factors such as alcohol and acidity levels directly at wineries. “Today, we are testing our prototype and working with different labs and wineries,” Luv Valecha, co-founder of the start-up behind the project, True Spirit, says, “but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Not only can we analyse wine but also spirits, beer, perfumes, olive oil and fuel.” 
The team of three engineers and entrepreneurs met while studying at the Institut d’Optique Graduate School, a member of Université Paris-Saclay, France’s newest mega-university. As part of the university’s start-up competition, they’ve just returned from Silicon Valley where they tested their ideas and found their product would also be a success in the US. 
The students will now meet with more winemakers in famed wine-growing region Bordeaux and continue to develop their technology.